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Equity Committee

Meet our Faculty of Science Equity Committee (FoSEC) members, and access minutes and other documents.

Our vision

The Faculty of Science Equity Committee (FoSEC) works towards and inclusive and diverse faculty, where:

  • Staff and students from all backgrounds are valued, supported, and have real and meaningful opportunities for participation and success, without the operation of implicit or explicit bias which can result in discrimination.
  • Māori as tangata whenua, and members of equity groups, are full represented across students and staff, and have access to environments and resources that will help them to flourish.

FoSEC facilitates achievement of this vision through the development of initiatives to explore and support equity considerations, the implementation of policy and practice, and the monitoring and reporting of progress towards the achievement of this vision.


Minutes and other documents

Access meeting minutes, and other documents, on our staff intranet page.


Equity Committee Chair – Associate Dean, Equity

Committee members

"I'm the Faculty of Science Postdoctoral Society representative. I'm a member of the Rainbow Science Network, and an advocate for Women in Science."


"I'm a representative for the Department of Physics, the Rainbow Science Network and Trans on Campus."


"I’m a woman in science, and a parent, and I’m the Equity representative for the School of Biological Sciences.

"I have a particular interest in diversifying the field of ecology, particularly by working towards more inclusive access to undergraduate courses with fieldtrips."


"I'm linked to the following constituencies: Women in Leadership programme (member of the working group); Professional Staff Manager's Forum working group; Rainbow Science Network; Faculty of Science wellbeing community of interest; co-chair for the Student Academic Services and Engagement Manager (SASEM) community of practice."


"I am a woman in science who isn’t a woman OF science; I’m a parent; I’m a professional staff member; I’m on the organising group for the Women in Science Network; and I'm in Physics."


"I'm the School of Chemical Sciences representative on the Equity Committee; I'm a parent, and I'm an advocate for Women in Science."


"I am the Technical Team Leader so I represent both professional and technical staff. I'm also an early-career researcher and a woman in science, so I represent both of these interests in the Equity Committee."


"I represent the Department of Computer Science. I am an academic and a parent (my children are aged 10, 6 and 3). All three of my kids have used the University creche at Alten Road and Symonds Street.


Dr Chrissie Painting

"I'm a rep for the Department of Mathematics, and also for Women in Science and Undergraduate Women in Science."


"My role is 'minute taker' at the Equity Committee meetings and providing general assistance to other committee members on an ‘as required basis’."


"I'm the Equity representative for the School of Environment. I also represent Māori, and Women in Science."


"I'm an academic, and I am the representative for the Department of Statistics."