Public lecture: Mind Body Quantum Mechanics Event as iCalendar

(Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Physics, Science Event Tags)

16 February 2017


Venue: MLT1 Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor , Building 303

Cost: Free, all welcome

Neurobiologists believe the mind brain system is and must be classical physics. For many, at some complexity, consciousness arises. This could be correct but faces what Dr Kauffman will call the Stalemate: Such a mind can at most witness the world but, due to the causal closure of classical physics, cannot act upon that world. Such a consciousness must be merely epiphenomenal. Quantum biology is exploding, showing that quantum effects can and do arise at body temperature. Quantum mechanics allows a partially quantum mind to have ACAUSAL consequences for the “meat” of the brain. Dr Kauffman will discuss these issues and the newly discovered Poised Realm, hovering reversibly between quantum and “classical” behaviors, as a new basis both for the mind body system and a new class of constructable and evolvable “computers” which are not algorithmic, Trans Turing Systems.