Postgraduate Orientation Day for Science Students Event as iCalendar

19 July 2017

12:30 - 8pm

Venue: City Campus

Location: Starts at the Business School Level 0 foyer, Owen G Glen Building, Grafton Road

Host: The University of Auckland

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The Faculty of Science welcomes all postgraduate students to the University of Auckland Postgraduate Orientation day.  

Postgraduate programme details  

12.30-1.00 Postgraduate Lunch

1.00-2.30 Postgraduate welcome and support services

2.30-3.00 Campus Tour

3.00-4.15 Faculty of Science (see details below)

4.30-5.30 Student Panel discussion- Postgrad at UoA, our Journey

5.30-late Postgraduate Student's Association (PGSA) Orientation


Faculty of Science details

3.00-3.30 Faculty of Science Welcome  (B302, Glound Floor Foyer)

Please join Deputy Dean Doug Ellliffe and Associate Dean (Postgraduate) JC Gaillard, key faculty and departmental staff. Afternoon tea will be provided for all postgraduate students.

3.30-4.15 Networking OR Programme & Department Sessions  

Incoming students will have the opportunity to network with fellow postgraduate students and key staff.

Alongside this, some departments will welcome new students to attend a more comprehensive introductory session. During these sessions, introductions will be made by the Head of Department, Postgraduate Advisors, supervisors and key support staff.

Biological Sciences (Building 303 Room B07)- Meet Postgraduate Advisor Shaun Lott as well as key staff and supervisors in the department.

Computer Sciences (Building 303 Room G15)- Join Clark Thomborson, Jim Warren and Jiamou Liu for an introduction to the BScHons, PGDip, Masters, MProfStudies and PhD programmes.

Mathematics (Building 303 Room 257)- Enjoy a presentation and welcome from Bernd Krauskopf, Head of Department and postgraduate advisors.  

Statistics (Building 303 Room 310)- Head of Department Ilze Brigita Ziedins welcomes new students and delivers important information regarding services and     resources

*Students in the Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology and Masters in Information Technology are invited to attend a specific prorgramme welcome on Tuesday 25 July, 6pm in 303-G20