Mathematical and Computational Sciences Alumni & Postgraduate Showcase 2017 Event as iCalendar

(Computer Science, Department of Statistics, Mathematics)

23 September 2017

10am - 2pm

Venue: Building 302

Location: 23 Princes Street

Website: Please register for this free event

Discover how the work of our researchers and students is having a direct effect on our changing society.

At the annual Mathematical and Computational Sciences Alumni and Postgraduate Showcase, you'll see the relevance and impact of mathematics and statistics in our modern world, and hear about the directions the Department of Computer Science is taking to remain the top computer science department in New Zealand.  

This half day showcase gives you the opportunity to:

  • revisit the departments
  • see the newly opened Science building
  • listen to presentations from leading researchers 
  • talk with PhD students and lecturers about their research
  • enjoy a light lunch while catching up with fellow alumni

To attend this free event, please register here.


10.00 am

Registration, morning refreshments


Ground Floor, Science Centre Building 302, 23 Symonds St Entry

10.15 am - 1 pm


Demos, poster displays and guided tours of Computer Science museum.

Tours will depart at 10.15 and 11am.


   Ground Floor, Science Centre Building 302


10.15 am –  10.55 am



Statistics Presentations – 10 mins each

Assoc Prof Rachel Fewster - “Where did you get that rat? Statistical genetics for uncovering the secret lives of invasive pests”


Professor Thomas Lumley -  "Unzipping the genome: large-scale genetics for health and disease”


Dr Brendon Brewer -  “Statistics from sports to space”



Case Room 302-G20


11.00 am – 11.40 am




Mathematics Presentations – 20 mins each

Professor Steven Galbraith - “Number theory, encryption and bitcoin”


Professor Bernd Krauskopf – “Dynamics of Aircraft on the Ground”


Case Room 302-G20


11.45 am – 12.30 pm





Computer Science Presentations – 20 mins each


Professor Sebastian Link – “Some Bits about Data Profiling”


Associate Professor Ian Watson – “The ethics of AI”



Case Room 302-G20



12.30 – 1.30pm




Ground Floor, Science Centre Building 302