Raising the Bar Event as iCalendar

29 August 2017

6 - 9:30pm

Location: Central Auckland

Cost: Free. Tickets are essential, as seating is limited.

Raising the Bar 2017

20 talks | 10 bars | 1 night

Join Professor Alexei Drummond, Dr James Russell, Professor John Montgomery and Professor Shaun Hendy in the New Zealand debut of Raising the Bar (see below).

This exciting event will see 20 University of Auckland academics present their work and wisdom in 10 Auckland bars, on one night (29 August).

Raising the Bar is a worldwide initiative that has been brought to New Zealand for the first time by the University (similar events have already been held in New York, Hong Kong, London and Melbourne).

Each of the 20 talks takes place in an Auckland inner-city bar, with topics ranging from Darwin's computer to what the brains of sharks can tell us about ourselves.

Registrations are open and you are urged book in advance to secure a bar stool at one or more of the venues.

Science speakers in Raising the Bar

Professor Alexei Drummond | Darwin's Computer

Professor Alexei Drummond will show how computers can be used to reconstruct the history of our own species and how these methods are used to better understand and respond to rapidly-evolving human diseases such as HIV, influenza, Hepatitis C, Dengue, Ebola and Zika.

6.30pm @ the Vodka Room | Get tickets

Professor Shaun Hendy | Science! You'll never believe what happened next

In this talk, Professor Shaun Hendy discusses why science sometimes seems to contradict itself, why fake science seems to thrive on social media, and what we can do about it in a post-truth world.

6.30pm @ Three Brothers | Sold Out

Dr James Russell | Simply the Pests

Conservation expert Dr James Russell will explain what mad-scientist projects are underway to try and make the breakthroughs required to achieve a Predator Free New Zealand.

8:00 PM @The Oakroom  | Get Tickets

Professor John Montgomery | What can the brains of sharks tell us about ourselves?

What does our cerebellum do? Why does it need so many nerve cells? The answer may lie in the brains of sharks. Join Professor John Montgomery as he draws the link between the brains of sharks and the human mind.

8:00 PM @The Golden Dawn | Get Tickets