Inaugural lecture by Professor Christian Hartinger: Disrupting Paradigms - metals at the interface of chemistry, biology and medicine Event as iCalendar


05 October 2017


Venue: Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre

Location: Ground floor, Building 301, 23 Symonds St

Professor Christian Hartinger

The field of medicinal chemistry is strongly dominated by organic drugs. However, metal complexes play an important role in biology and have found their place in medicine. They are widely used for the treatment of cancer (and other diseases) and in diagnosis, owing to their specific chemical and physical properties.

In this lecture, I will introduce the concepts unique to medicinal inorganic chemistry that are applied in my lab and the community to develop anticancer metallodrugs. While the modes of action of anticancer metallodrugs have for a long time been associated with DNA interaction, the new generation of anticancer agents has evolved to target proteins. Therefore, the design of new compounds goes hand in hand with the development and application of new analytical methods to study the crucial interactions of these metal complexes with biological molecules. In this presentation, I will discuss our recent research advances in these areas.


Refreshments will follow the lecture in Building 302's foyer (directly outside Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre)