Postgraduate orientation day February 2018 Event as iCalendar

19 February 2018 - 20 February 2018

Venue: See details in sessions listed below

Location: City Campus and Tāmaki Innovation Campus

Host: Faculty of Science

Cost: Free

Contact email:

Postgraduate students at the University of Auckland


The Faculty of Science would like to welcome incoming postgraduate students to the University of Auckland. We look forward to seeing you at the Semester One Postgraduate Orientation held on the City Campus Monday 19 February.

This year’s Postgraduate Orientation programme includes a number of specialised information sessions, welcome activities and interactive workshops designed to get you thinking.

All postgraduate students are welcome to attend these sessions, whether new to the University or returning after completing or changing programmes. The location and timetables are below. Please attend any session you feel is applicable.

Read more about the Faculty orientation and download the app.

If you are an undergraduate science student, please visitUndergraduate orientation day

Monday 19 February

International Orientation

All international students: new, returning, undergraduate and postgraduate are invited to attend:


International Students' welcome and essential information

Owen G. Glenn Building, Room 260-115

Postgraduate Orientation

Postgraduate students from all faculties and campuses are invited to attend:


Lunch & Welcome

General Library, Foyer


Postgraduate welcome and support services session

General Library, Lecture Theatre


Campus tour

General Library, Foyer


Faculty of Science welcome, workshop and afternoon tea

Science Centre, Building 302 Foyer


Postgraduate student panel discussion

General Library, Lecture Theatre


Postgraduate Students' Association (PGSA) welcome

Shadows Student Bar, The Quad


Tuesday 20 February

Tāmaki Campus Orientation

Only postgraduate students undertaking study at the Tāmaki Innovation Campus are requested to attend:

9.30- 3.15

Tāmaki Campus Welcome and Programme specific information sessions

Tāmaki Innovation Campus, 261 Morrin Road, St Johns, Auckland

Read more about the Tāmaki Postgraduate Orientation.

Owen G Glenn Building
Owen G Glenn Building
Central University Library
Central University Library
Tāmaki Innovation Campus
Tāmaki Innovation Campus