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The Brain in its Body, the Body in its World Event as iCalendar

23 May 2018


Venue: Lecture theatre MLT2 with refreshments beginning at 5.30pm at the level 4 Common space

Location: Building 303, 38 Princes Street

Cost: Free: Everyone is welcome to attend.

Professor Randall D. Beer, Seelye Fellow and Provost Professor in the Cognitive Science program at Indiana University
Professor Randall D. Beer, Seelye Fellow


Is your mind really (only) in your head? Over the past 30 years, it has become increasingly clear that the proper unit of analysis of the mechanisms of behavior is not simply a brain, but rather an entire brain-body-environment system.

However, the consequences of this perspective have yet to be fully appreciated. Traditional conceptions of perception, action, learning, and the nature of cognitive processes are potentially transformed by such a shift in perspective. An important tool for exploring these consequences is the analysis of artificially evolved models of brain-body-environment systems.

This talk will describe the motivations for such an endeavor, explain how it works, and review several examples of its successful application.

About our speaker

After placements at Case Western Reserve University, the Santa Fe Institute, and as director of an NSF IGERT training programme, Professor Randall D. Beer is currently Provost Professor in the Cognitive Science program at Indiana University.

His scientific research concerns how organisms operate as integrated wholes and he has taken a highly multidisciplinary approach to this question, combining work on the evolution and analysis of model brain-body-environment systems, neuromechanical modelling of animal behavior, biologically-inspired robotics and situated, embodied and dynamical approaches to cognition.

Professor Beer has published two books and over 120 research papers in these areas.


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