Department of Mathematics Colloquium | Erdős' legacy Event as iCalendar

20 September 2018


Venue: Lecture room PLT2, Building 303-G02

Location: 38 Princes Street, City Campus, University of Auckland

Host: Department of Mathematics

Cost: Free

Professor David Conlon, Kalman Fellow 2018, University of Oxford, UK.
Professor David Conlon, Kalman Fellow 2018.


Professor David Conlon, Kalman Fellow 2018
University of Oxford, UK.


Paul Erdős, the famous world-wandering mathematician, left behind an enormous legacy of unsolved problems, many of which are enticingly elementary in their statement. In this talk, we explore some of these problems and, sometimes, their solutions.

About the Kalman Fellowship

The Margaret and John Kalman Charitable Trust is generously providing $10,000 for the annual Kalman Visiting Fellowship. This Fellowship is named after John Kalman, who was a professor of Mathematics at the University of Auckland from 1964 to 1993, and a leading promoter of mathematics in New Zealand.

This colloquium will be followed by refreshments in the Level 4 Common Room.