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Biodiversity on Earth | a voyage of discovery and surprises Event as iCalendar

09 October 2018

6 - 7pm

Venue: Lecture theatre PLT2, Building 303

Location: 38 Princes Street, City Campus, Auckland

Host: Institute of Marine Science

Cost: Free

Website: Institute of Marine Science

Professor Mark Costello's fascination with nature led to him inventorying species and a decade leading the establishment of global databases which underpin the new field of “biodiversity informatics”.

These unprecedented compilations of data showed that several things that he was taught at university and pervade the literature were wrong!

Biodiversity informatics helps answer some big questions about life on Earth:

  • how many species exist? Are most microbes?
  • where are most species: in the deep sea? at the equator?
  • will many species go extinct before they are named?

This knowledge informs extinction rates and the effects of climate warming, and enables new world maps of biodiversity that help focus conservation effort.

The findings illustrate how assumptions with little evidence or lacking the big picture can become perpetuated in science and society, and lead to false dogmas.

Refreshments will be served prior to the event at 5.15pm in the Level 6 Breakout Space in the Science Building 302, 23 Symonds St, Auckland.

Professor Mark Costello, Institute of Marine Science
Professor Mark Costello
Professor Mark Costello, Institute of Marine Science
Inventorying the biodiversity of the ocean