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  • Faculty of Science Postdoctoral Society
    09 March 2018
    The Postdoctoral Society is going from strength to strength since their inaugural research symposium in 2016.
  • Society for Reproductive Biology Inaugural Founder's Medal
    09 March 2018
    Congratulations to Professor Eileen McLaughlin, from the School of Biological Sciences, for being awarded the Society for Reproductive Biology Founder’s Medal.
  • Science academics innovative cancer vaccine achieves significant milestones
    08 March 2018
    SapVax, the cancer immunotherapy spin out company founded by the Faculty of Science’s Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble, Professor Rod Dunbar and Dr Geoff Williams has reached two more significant milestones in its quest to develop peptide-based, self-adjuvanting cancer vaccines.
  • R star launches fundraising appeal
    08 March 2018
    Leading R developer Hadley Wickham is calling on everyone who uses the statistical programming language R to donate just one dollar for every hour they have used it in the past year.
  • Seen a sick starfish lately? Scientists would like to know
    16 February 2018
    A wasting disease is killing starfish around the world and scientists are concerned the disease could start to have an effect on New Zealand starfish species.
  • Solving the kiwifruit crisis a winner
    13 February 2018
    Associate Professor Matthew Templeton is an integral part of a 100-strong team of researchers from Plant and Food Research who have won the 2017 Prime Minister's Science Prize for using science to solve the kiwifruit PSA crisis.
  • New data portal “a complete game changer”
    08 February 2018
    The Department of Statistics has gained access to a world-leading government data project that is a huge advance for academics studying New Zealanders’ wellbeing.
  • Karakia (blessing) for new Tuākana space in Old Choral Hall
    08 February 2018
    Staff and students gathered to bless the new SBS space in Old Choral Hall and support the ongoing Tuākana programme, now led by Brendon Dunphy. Michael Steedman led the ceremony.
  • A tiny answer to a stinky problem
    05 February 2018
    PhD candidate Tom Saunders explains to Newsroom why the brown marmorated stink bug presents a serious threat to important food crops and the tiny wasp that could help stop it.
  • New head of Psychology appointed at University of Auckland
    01 February 2018
    Professor Suzanne Purdy has been appointed to lead the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland.
  • Clever canines
    25 January 2018
    Dr Alex Taylor talks to Our Changing World journalist Alison Ballance about his work testing the empathy and intelligence of pet dogs.
  • First global invasive species list compiled at University of Auckland
    23 January 2018
    The Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species (GRIIS) is the first open-access, evidence-based information platform for invasive species which threaten the survival of mammals, birds and plants across the globe.
  • Travelling the universe with Richard Easther
    18 January 2018
    In this four-part summer series join Professor Richard Easther as he talks to Radio NZ about travelling to Mars and Pluto, getting close to a black hole and time-travelling back to the Big Bang.
  • Healthy conflict makes families stronger
    18 January 2018
    Associate Professor Nickola Overall, Psychology, explains how healthy conflict within families can make those relationships stronger.
  • Research aimed at discovering why some don’t re-offend
    17 January 2018
    Men previously imprisoned for sexual offending but who have not re-offended for at least five years are being asked to take part in research being carried out at the University of Auckland.
  • Ship noise affects ability of marine species to communicate
    10 January 2018
    University of Auckland scientists have carried out the first-ever large scale investigation into the effects of ship noise in the waters of the Hauraki Gulf.
  • Science made simple: binary stars
    06 January 2018
    Dr JJ Elridge studies binary stars by creating numerical models to understand what happens when the two stars interact. He talks to the NZ Herald's Jamie Morton about what's involved in his work.
  • Science made simple: lasers
    03 January 2018
    Professor Cather Simpson studies how substances convert light energy into more useful forms. She talks to the NZ Herald's Jamie Morton about applying intellectual exploration values to practical entrepreneurship, and more.
  • Mathematician awarded Dell Award
    19 December 2017
    Associate Professor Vivien Kirk has been recognised for her work mentoring young mathematicians and physicists with the Miriam Dell Excellence in Science Mentoring Award from the Association for Women in the Sciences (AWIS).
  • Treatment for Huntington’s could be step closer
    12 December 2017
    Scientists believe they have identified one of the very earliest changes in the brain that results in Huntington’s Disease and that the discovery holds a vital clue to developing the first-ever treatment for the disease.