One Tree Hill College Visit

03 July 2014
Glenda Haines and Dr Nicolette Rattenbury enjoy bringing their love of Science to the students at One Tree Hill College

Staff members from the Faculty of Science visited One Tree Hill College to participate in hands-on learning alongside the students at their Science week, held in June.

The exploration of various scientific principles showed how much fun can be had with science - making slime (a non-newtonian fluid), proved to be a particular hit.

Potential Science Scholars enjoyed demonstrations involving liquid nitrogen, balloons, rockets, flowers, chocolate fish and a mini game show.  

The students also enjoyed putting their phones to good use and took photos of the spectrum of various light sources to upload to Public Lab.

A rotational platform was used to demonstrate both angular momentum and centrifugal force while density beads and superabsorbent powder explored some chemical properties.

Each session finished with a musical number from the Ruben’s tube to demonstrate ‘standing waves’.

The visiting group consisted of Glenda Haines (Student, Academic Services and Engagement Manager), Helen Morten (Student Advisor), Jake Martin (Masters student in Chemical Sciences) and Dr Nicolette Rattenbury who is from the Science Scholars programme; a course of specialised study aimed at the best and brightest students studying Science at the University.