Is science male?

19 August 2016

Why are there so few senior women working in the Science field and what can we do to make science gender-neutral? These and other questions where discussed at two presentations by Professor Jenny Martin Director of the Eskitis Drug Discovery Institute at Griffith University in Brisbane.

Hosted by the School of Biological Sciences, Jenny whose research expertise and interests lie in the areas of structural biology, protein crystallography, protein interactions and their applications in drug design, is also a founding member of Science in Australia Gender Equity steering committee.

Jenny’s presentation discussed how diversity in teams leads to better outcomes and that encouraging diversity in our professions was a job for which all of us have a role to play.

Associate Dean, Equity - Professor Virginia Braun has written about Jenny’s talk in her Blog, My Equity Blog. For more information: Promoting gender equity in science/ STEMM: A reflection on Professor Jenny Martin’s visit.

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