Spaceward Bound

20 December 2016

A “dynamic educational outreach event” is how Professor Kathy Campbell describes the MBIE funded Unlocking Curious Minds project that saw 20 secondary school students attend an exclusive astrobiology field trip in December 2016.

Organised by the University of Auckland and the New Zealand Astrobiology Network (NZAN), the project which is partnered with local trust Te Taumata o Ngāti Whakaue, aims to teach students about New Zealand’s unique geologic features and explore questions related to life’s origins and existence in extreme environments.

The students enjoyed the novel, hands-on approach to learning by attending lectures and building field test sensors while exploring Mangatete and Tarawera for a Mars simulation. The five day expedition included a Marae Open day and was attended by Professor Mike Rowe from the School of Environment and NASA scientist Jen Blank, alongside Kathy and the NZ astrobiology team.

For more information about the fieldtrip see: