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Science communicators

Our researchers share interesting observations and insight using their specialist knowledge on different social media platforms.

The psychologizer

A psychological look into popular culture and casual analysis of all kinds of social issues.
See the psychologizer.
Written by Professor Will Hayward, Head of Department, School of Psychology


Excursions into cosmology, astrophysics, particle physics, science news and scientific perspectives on everyday life.
See Excursionset.
Written by Professor Richard Easther, Head of Department, Department of Physics


The improvement of statistical literacy and the scrutiny of facts and figures used in the media to create awareness of misleading statistical information.
See StatsChat
Written by the Department of Statistics

A measure of Science

Complex systems and a look at how innovation works in New Zealand and overseas.
See A measure of Science
Written by Professor Shaun Hendy, Department of Physics

The CS Blog

Improving the public’s understanding of computer science.
See The CS Blog
Written by the Department of Computer Science

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@ginnybraun (Dr Virginia Braun, School of Psychology)
@MyPlasticBrain (Professor Winston Byblow, Department of Exercise Sciences)
@REasther (Professor Richard Easther, Department of Physics)
@nickgantnz (Dr Nicholas Gant, Department of Exercise Sciences)
@LoraxCate (Dr Cate Macinnis-Ng, School of Biological Sciences)
@DrPaulRalph (Dr Paul Ralph, Department of Computer Science)
@SiouxsieW (Dr Siouxie Wiles, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences)