Rainbow Science Network's vision is for an inclusive culture that acknowledges and respects all sexual orientations and gender identities and values the contribution we collectively make to the life of the faculty.

To work towards this we meet regularly to discuss issues, provide contact and support, and plan activities designed to raise visibility and awareness.

While the Rainbow Science group is focussed on advocating for LGBTI staff and students, we welcome input and support from everyone in the faculty.

Our meetings

Meetings are held monthly:

These meetings are a chance to meet people and catch up with what’s going on as well as to discuss upcoming events, raise concerns or issues, find out about university and faculty initiatives and plan activities.

Next meeting: May 17 Midday

Location: Building 303, Level 3, Room 303S-561


Coming up:

Rainbow Expo: Monday 8 May at the Quad city campus from 12-2pm

Past Events 2016:

Pride and Prejudice in the Workplace: LGBTI Career Event

Pride and Prejudice in the Workplace: LGBTI Career Event invites students and employers to come together to inform, enlighten and build career confidence within the ever-growing LGBTI community.

Speakers will ‘myth-bust’ common misconceptions, and share real-life experiences, issues and opportunities that arise for the LGBTI individual in the New Zealand workforce.

This event will be followed by catered networking, allowing students to build both their personal and professional network with peers and employers alike. All students are welcome.

PRIDEFEST activities

Stall in the Quad

  • Wednesday 27 April
  • Science Queer Quad – 12 noon

Come and join us on the Rainbow Science stall in the Quad. Help us promote visibility and reinforce the faculty’s commitment to supporting diversity of genders and sexualities within our communities.

A seminar by Dr JJ Elridge 

  • Thursday 28 April 5 – 6pm
  • Topic: the Science of Sci-fi: mind/body swapping and gender diversity
  • Venue: Med Chem Lecture theatre, 301-G053

Dr JJ Eldridge will present a discussion on a common trope in science fiction; the idea that two people can have their minds or bodies swapped.

Sometimes this involves a change of gender for the characters and JJ will lead a discussion on whether this is possible within our understanding of science and discuss some of the other cases where changing gender plays an important part of the story. Finally JJ will outline how by extrapolating current technology and research, swapping into a new body might be possible in the future.

Listen to JJ's talk online.


Message from Career Development and Employability Services (CDES)

My name is Jon and I’m a Career Development Consultant for Career Development and Employability Services (CDES), based in the ClockTower building. As part of the community I’m a friendly face and can help you understand the world of work and give practical tips and advice on workplace challenges and opportunities.

CDES offers a range of support to help you manage your career from planning to taking action. Please visit our website to explore the different opportunities you can take advantage of. Most topics are covered by our workshops, but if you are unsure of your career direction, or want help with figuring out what type of work would suit you, please book a 1-2-1 appointment with me or one of my friendly colleagues. Click here to access your personalised career home page.

I look forward to seeing you!

Jonathan Culley