The Faculty of Science Sustainability Network

To facilitate sustainability-oriented initiatives, model sustainable practices and increase the internal and external visibility of sustainability-oriented activities in the Faculty of Science.


Darwin, the turtle, made by students from beach detritus
Darwin, the turtle, made by students from beach detritus

The Faculty of Science Sustainability Network is dedicated to facilitating sustainability-related initiatives in the faculty and beyond.

The Network is underpinned by three broad statements of purpose, namely to

  • Contribute to environmental flourishing and biodiversity with a particular emphasis on native species
  • Encourage thriving human communities that embody interconnection, compassion, well-being, diversity, justice, respect and open-mindedness
  • Investigate and promote sustainable technologies and living practices

We have several projects underway that involve improving our operational practices as a faculty, interdisciplinary teaching with a sustainability focus, and communicating our research and expertise as scientists.

We are always open to new ideas and anyone in the faculty is welcome to join the network. We would also love to hear from people outside the faculty who are interested in what we are doing or who would like to collaborate on sustainability-related projects.

Professor Gillian Lewis
Associate Dean Sustainability


Sustainability Courses

There is a new three-course sustainability module available to students enrolled in a BSc, a BAdvSci(Hons) or a BA from 2019. Read more.

You can also take the first year course SUSTAIN100 | Sustainability and Us as a general education course.

Sustainability Working Group Members

View a list of network members comprised of academic and professional staff within the Faculty of Science.

Sustainability initiatives

The Sustainability Network has a number of projects that are up and running.

Can our university be zero carbon?

Generation Zero thinks so. Read more.

Research awards for current students

In an exciting new initiative the Faculty of Science Sustainability Network is offering ten awards of up to $2,000 each for students within the faculty to support the student’s living costs.

A masters scholarship is also available for a community project based on Waiheke Island.

Project Forever Waiheke masters scholarship
Download and view (1.0 MB, PDF)


See us in action

Find out more about who we are and what we do.

Contact us

We meet regularly and are always happy to hear from you. If there is an idea you want to share please contact Niki Harre,