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Sustainability Working Group Members

Sandra Anderson sh.anderson@auckland.ac.nz Biological Sciences and Environment
Quentin Atkinson q.atkinson@auckland.ac.nz Psychology
Jacqueline Beggs j.beggs@auckland.ac.nz Biological Sciences
Gilles Bellon
gilles.bellon@auckland.ac.nz Physics
Erica Blake e.blake@auckland.ac.nz Student Academic Services
Penny Brothers


Chemical Sciences
Bruce Burns b.burns@auckland.ac.nz Biological Sciences
  a.carr@auckland.ac.nz Psychology
Janice Ka Wai Choi kw.choi@auckland.ac.nz Chemistry
Mark Costello m.costello@auckland.ac.nz Marine Science
Joe Fagan


Erica Farrelly e.farrelly@auckland.ac.nz Student Academic Services
Karen Fisher k.fisher@auckland.ac.nz Environment
Margaret Francis m.francis@auckland.ac.nz Information Systems
Niki Harre n.harre@auckland.ac.nz Faculty of Science
Robin Kearns r.kearns@auckland.ac.nz Environment
Veema Lodhia v.lodhia@auckland.ac.nz Psychology
Andrea Mead a.mead@auckland.ac.nz Psychology
Jo Peace j.peace@auckland.ac.nz Biological Sciences
Sudip Ray s.ray@auckland.ac.nz Chemical Sciences
Anoma Raynayake a.ratnayake@auckland.ac.nz Computational Sciences
Anna Santure a.santure@auckland.ac.nz Biological Sciences
Blair Sowman b.sowman@auckland.ac.nz Environment
Kharmin Sukhia k.sukhia@auckland.ac.nz Exercise Sciences
Clark Thomborson c.thomborson@auckland.ac.nz Computer Science
Tim Wade t.wade@auckland.ac.nz Student Academic Services
Gerald Weber


Computer Science
Amy Weir amy.weir@auckland.ac.nz Faculty of Science
Peter Wills p.wills@auckland.ac.nz Physics