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Biomedical Common Year or Overlapping Year

Programme overview

The first year of the Biomedical Science programme (Common Year 1) consists of a group of core courses which deliver a strong foundation for a number of majors and professional careers.

If students intend to major in Biomedical Science major beyond, it is possible to specialise in research areas such as cancer biology and therapeutics, molecular biology, cardiovascular biology, genetics and development, microbiology, immunology, neurobiology, nutrition, pharmacology, physiology, or reproduction.  

Programme structure

The programme consists of the following core courses:

Further study options

Studying these courses (sometimes with the addition of a few further courses) can open up a number of study options and other majors within the BSc including:      

Those who complete this Common Year may also apply for entry to other health professional programmes such as the

Help and advice

For further information see the Biomedical Science Undergraduate Handbook

Or contact us:

Our friendly Student Academic Advisors are available to help with any questions you may have. Feel free to drop into the Science Student Centre to see us.

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For more information see Undergraduate major in Biomedical Science