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Bachelor of Science conjoint degree

Programme overview

The Bachelor of Science degree is available to be taken as a conjoint with a number of other degrees. Conjoint degrees allow you to complete two Bachelor's degrees within a shorter time-frame, and with fewer points, than would otherwise be required.

The workload for a conjoint is heavier than for a BSc degree, and you will need to maintain a certain grade-point-average (GPA) over the course of the degree. Students taking conjoints will need to take 9 courses (135 points) each year to complete in the minimum time.

Programme structure

Most conjoint options require a total of 540 points to be completed over a minimum of four years with 270 points coming from the BSc component. Some combinations of conjoint degrees require five years study and more points.

The BSc component of all BSc/conjoint degrees comprises:

At least 270 points in courses from BSc subject majors. These points must consist of:

  • At least 17 courses (255 points) in at least two BSc major subjects, including:
    • At least 10 courses (150 points) above Stage I, of which at least 5 courses (75 points) must be above Stage II
    • Of the 5 courses (75 points) above Stage II, at least 4 courses (60 points) must be in a major, or at least 3 courses (45 points) in any second major
  • At least 15 points from courses offered in the approved General Education schedule for your conjoint

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Conjoint options

Conjoint option Points Further information Career opportunities
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
540 points studied over a minimum 4-year period. The majors of Applied Mathematics, Geography, Mathematics, Psychology, and Statistics are available for both BA and BSc. None of these can be the major in both components of this conjoint. Possibilities include: teacher, lecturer, policy analyst, researcher
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science
540 points studied over a minimum 4-year period.

The Information Systems major can only be done on the BCom side of the conjoint.

Possibilities include: marketing, public relations, management accountant, economist, IT consultant
Bachelor of Engineering(Hons)/Bachelor of Science
675 points studied over a minimum 5-year period. Special permission from the Faculty of Engineering is required for entry to this conjoint combination. Possibilities include: geologist, teacher, resource manager, exploration geologist, engineer.
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Nursing
A GPA of 3.9 is required for entry to this conjoint.
Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Science
540 points studied over a minimum 4-year period. Consult the School of Music about detailed planning of the BMus component. Possibilities include: professional musician, consultant, acoustic specialist.
Bachelor of Property/Bachelor of Science
540 points studied over a minimum 4-year period. In the first year you must enrol in 60 points from Science courses including STATS 108, ECON 101, COMLAW 101 PROPERTY 102, 141, for the BProp component. Possibilities include: valuer, property consultant, regional/local government.
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Theology
540 points studied over a minimum 4-year period. Consult the School of Theology about detailed planning for the BTheol component. Possibilities include: minister, adviser, social worker.
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws
675 points studied over a minimum 5-year period. In the first year you must enrol in LAW 121G and 131 for the LLB component plus 90 points Science for the BSc component. For second and subsequent years Science courses must be fitted around the pattern of Law courses required for the LLB. In some years it may not be possible to do the maximum number of points permitted in a semester or an academic year. Possibilities include: patent attorney, lawyer, environmentalist.
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws(Hons)
675 points studied over a minimum 5-year period. Consult the Faculty of Law about the honours option. Possibilities include: resource manager, government analyst, environmental lawyer, patent attorney

Entry requirements

Students applying for conjoints must meet the subject requirements for both degrees, and gain a sufficiently high ranking for selection. All students applying for conjoints will be ranked according to their best 80 credits at NCEA Level 3 or higher, over a maximum of five subjects, weighted by the level of achievement attained in each set of credits.

Help and advice

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