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Postgraduate research projects

Finding a supervisor for postgraduate research

For information on current Honours, Masters and PhD research projects and their supervisors, visit our department and school websites:

If you are considering postgraduate study, finding the right supervisor is an important first step. Three-Minute-Thesis winner Ian Randall talks about his supervisor/student relationship.


Meet our supervisors

Dr Frederique Vanholsbeck - Physics

Food safety protocol will be transformed with the development of a new, innovative test, that will provide bacteria counts within 30 minutes.

Dr Nick Gant - Exercise Sciences

Find out about the Exercise Neurometabolism Laboratory, with a particular focus on Dr Nick Gant's research into how food affects the brain and assists in overcoming stress and fatigue.


Meet our postgraduate students and alumni

Nazish Khan - Masters degree, Computer Science


Bobby Wilcox and Micheal Kao - Statistics alumni

John Holt - Mathematics alumus


Riley Elliot - PhD, Marine Science