George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment

The George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment (GMCNE) is a multi-disciplinary research centre in the Faculty of Science that focuses on environmental restoration, conservation and sustainability.



We are proud to be a nexus of research for and about the natural environment.



Dr George Mason

Our unique environment

Dr George Mason talks about the huge challenge of restoring New Zealand's natural environment and his motivation for offering such generous support in this video about his life and work.



Research updates and news

Read our research updates as well as our news.

Dr George Mason and students

Our people

We are managed by an oversight board as well as an expert advisory board comprising of representatives in science and across the University.

New Zealand Tui

Research opportunities

The centre fosters solutions-focused research to support a diverse range of projects that address questions within and across different natural ecosystems.


Foundation North partnership with The George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment


Our partnership with Foundation North is one of many relationships that we aim to develop in order to create an opportunity for the centre to show leadership in natural environment research.

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Please contact us if you have an enquiry about the centre, want to know more about our research, or to connect with us. We look forward to hearing from you.