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George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment

The George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment (GMCNE) is a multi-disciplinary research centre in the Faculty of Science that focuses on environmental restoration, conservation and sustainability.

George Mason


The George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment is proud to be a nexus of research for and about the natural environment. Read more.

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Research updates

Our researchers are working on a variety of projects. Find out what they are focussing on and keep up to date with recent news and our events. Read more.

Dr George Mason and students

Our people

We are managed by an oversight board as well as an expert advisory board comprising of representatives in science and across the University. Find out who we we are.

GMCNE Partnerships


Our aim is to develop all partnerships in order to create an opportunity for the centre to show leadership in natural environment research. See partnerships and partner with GMNCE.


The science of restoring mussels video

Our researchers are working to improve the health of our waterways by studying the most efficient ways that mussels arrange themselves and collaborating with Revive Our Gulf to replace lost mussel beds. Watch the video.

How different parts of the coastal ecosystem cope with increasing nitrogen loads

The Hilltops to Oceans Project recently hosted Dr Stefano Bonaglia, a visiting researcher from Stockholm University and the University of Southern Denmark. Read more.

Urgent action to save marine beds

Shellfish beds are our most endangered marine habitats. Professor Simon Thrush says urgent action to save these vital ecosystem must be a priority, as they provide many tangible and deep benefits. Read more.

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