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The University of Auckland - University of California, Davis Link Programme (The George Mason Research fund)

The George Mason Research fund specifically supports academic exchanges in Natural Sciences (including but not restricted to Biological Sciences, Marine Science and Chemical Sciences) between the University of Auckland and the University of California, Davis.

Activities could include, but are not restricted to, research exchanges for PhD students or Visiting Fellowships for academic staff between the University of Auckland and the University of California, Davis.

Assessment criteria

Project applications from the University of Auckland will be initially reviewed by the GMCNE, suitable proposals will then be forwarded to University of California, Davis (UCD), for their consideration and ultimate approval.  Applications originating from UCD will be initially assessed at that institution and then forwarded to the GMCNE which will assess the project in conjunction with the UoA host.

The proposed project could include activities such as interaction on a current paper, laboratory or field work, performing a meta-analysis, a comparative project contrasting appropriate study sites, workshops, or any other number of possibilities.  The idea is to allow students and staff to interact with an eye toward establishing future longer exchanges.

The program will pay all travel expenses including airfare, housing, and a food / living allowance, but will not cover graduate student tuition/ fees. 

Timing of programme rounds

Proposals will be accepted now for support in 2017 and will be considered on an ad hoc basis. Proposals for 2018 (and subsequent years) will be considered in December 2017 and May 2018 (if funds have not been allocated for the year). Please note, in the event that a project cannot be fully funded, partial funding may be offered, or the project may be considered in subsequent rounds.

Should your project be funded, the GMCNE Research co-ordinator will contact you to arrange a funding agreement for the research. Grants will be paid directly to the staff or student through the relevant department. 


Application form

Please send your application form to gmcne@auckland.ac.nz


Please contact us if you have any queries: gmcne@auckland.ac.nz