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Our World and Universe

Māi i te whenua ki te rangi, Māi i te rangi ki te whenua

Seeking to advance our understanding of our planet and universe.



Satellite image of Earth

About us

We are a diverse group focused on furthering our understanding of the Earth and the universe. Our research spans several intertwined areas, which includes:

Earth. The study of our oceans, climate and geological systems; Life and it’s development, from mitochondria to megafauna.

Space. Remote sensing and space technology; Exploration of the stars, galaxies and supernovae; All things ‘Astro’.

Fundamental Questions. The origins and evolution of life; The philosophy of biology and enaction; Complex networks and machine learning.

Our aim is to enhance connections and collaborations, facilitating a strong network for likeminded individuals to exchange ideas, within the tertiary research environment and with stakeholders in the community, industry and government.



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Our theme is open to all academic disciplines, knowledge areas and researchers at all stages of their career.

If you’re interested in finding out more, and want to become part of the theme network, please register below – we’ll keep you updated on events and opportunities related to our theme.

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ShaREis responsible for the administration, operation and promotion of core facilities within the Faculty of Science to help researchers throughout the University to access key technical platforms necessary to support quality research and teaching. Its facilities are available to researchers from outside the University including commercial entities. 

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