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The University of Auckland Reserves

The University of Auckland owns a number of ecological reserves and properties outside of the campus grounds.


The University of Auckland Reserves

The University has been gifted these properties by alumni, or has purchased them. Students and staff of the University and partners are encouraged to make use of these reserves for their research projects and teaching. These reserves provide University a valuable resource for teaching and field research across a wide range of disciplines.

The ecological reserves represent a range of habitats including coastal vegetation, kauri forest, and scrublands (mature manuka and kanuka). Research conducted in the reserves focusses on many aspects, in particular, climate change, ecological community composition, and mammal behaviour, these research projects add to the long term monitoring that is undertaken.

History of the reserves

Discover the history of the University of Auckland’s Reserves in Anawhata, Oratia and Huapai. Featuring interviews with Cate Macinnis-Ng from the School of Environment, Anawhata Reserve Historians John and Alan La Roche and University Reserves Coordinator Joanne Peace.

Resources for University staff and students

The information about our reserves on this page is intended for staff and students of The University of Auckland only. Enquiries regarding visiting or using the reserves for research should be directed to the Reserves Coordinator: reserves@auckland.ac.nz


University Reserves Advisory Group

The University Reserves Advisory Group is responsible for advising on the uses and management of the University's reserves and related matters.

Anawhata Reserve

Anawhata Reserve comprises 7 ha of coastal forest in various stages of regeneration and is an important heritage site for the University of Auckland as well as for New Zealand.


Goldies Homestead

Goldies Homestead is a teaching winery with an area of re-vegetated land and preserved wetland providing habitat for many significant native plants and birds.


Leigh Marine Laboratory

The laboratory acts as the University's 'marine campus', at the edge of the Goat Island Marine Reserve about 100 kilometres north of the city of Auckland.



Ardmore Field Station

Ardmore Field Station is 10.5 ha of pastoral land that is currently utilised as a field site for meteorological and radio research, and research on atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and fluxes.


Huapai Reserve

The Huapai reserve is 15 ha of kauri forest, mature kanuka scrub, areas supporting puriri, taraire, rewarewa, and podocarps.


Oratia Reserve

The Oratia reserve is 9.5 ha of kauri forest, podocarp and broadleaf species.