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Anawhata Reserve

Anawhata Reserve comprises 7 ha of coastal forest in various stages of regeneration.



Anawhata Reserve is an important heritage site for the University as well as for New Zealand. This property was purchased in 1926 by prestigious alumni Lucy Cranwell, John Andrews, Frederick Meiklejohn, Percy Parr, and Muriel Schmidt.

As one of New Zealand’s first female scientists, Lucy Cranwell (MA, DSc, DSc(Hon), FLS(Lond.), FRSNZ, 1907-2000) was a pioneering botantist who conducted much research at this site, was an integral part of The University of Auckland Field Club, and was one of the giftees of the land to the University in 1966. Lucy Cranwell was internationally renowned for her research, particularly in the reconstruction of historical botanical landscapes through ancient pollen extraction. Lucy Cranwell left an amazing legacy for New Zealand.

For more information about Lucy Cranwell visit the Royal Society of New Zealand website.



Ecological values

This reserve is the type locality for locally endemic kowhai species (Sophora microphylla var. fulvida). Other local endemic plant species are also found at the site.

This reserve has also been the site of in-depth botanical and algal studies.