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Staff at the Faculty Office

Name Position Email Phone
+64 9 373 7599
Angelyn Chin Finance and Admin Assistant a.chin@auckland.ac.nz ext 88823
Anne Beston Media Relations Advisor - Faculty of Science a.beston@auckland.ac.nz ext 83258
Greg Blackwell   Communications and Marketing Manager g.blackwell@auckland.ac.nz ext 88925
Cassandra Ellis Human Resources Manager


ext 87470
Glenda Haines Student and Academic Services Manager g.haines@auckland.ac.nz ext 83494
David Jenkins Hazards and Containment Manager d.jenkins@auckland.ac.nz ext 83789
David Jenkinson Facilities and Services Manager d.jenkinson@auckland.ac.nz ext 82557
David Jordan Finance Manager david.jordan@auckland.ac.nz ext 82923
Megan Katsiouras Human Resources Advisor


ext 83493
Anita Lai Financial Advisor - Asset MGMT a.lai@auckland.ac.nz ext 87095
Jade Wong
Marketing Adviser jade.wong@auckland.ac.nz ext 84662
Kate Pitcher Content Writer and Coordinator kate.pitcher@auckland.ac.nz ext 87625
Judith Poland Events Coordinator j.poland@auckland.ac.nz ext 87402
Bruce Rattray Business Operations Manager - Tamaki b.rattray@auckland.ac.nz ext 86874
Tracey Reason Business Operations Manager – Clinics t.reason@auckland.ac.nz ext 81771
Wendy Rhodes Research Adviser w.rhodes@auckland.ac.nz ext 86500
Michael Steedman Kaiarahi m.steedman@auckland.ac.nz ext 83511
Steve Warrington Technical Services Manager s.warrington@auckland.ac.nz ext 88714
Rene Tablizo Financial Accountant r.tablizo@auckland.ac.nz ext 85149
Nicole Taylor-Gray Content Writer and Coordinator n.taylor-gray@auckland.ac.nz ext 88402
Florence Cabansag Financial Adviser - Salaries and Research f.cabansag@auckland.ac.nz ext 88827