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Admission advice

Admission is the process by which a student applies, and is approved, for entry to the University and to a University programme. Here you will find all you need to know regarding the admissions process at the University of Auckland.

For further advice, contact the Faculty of Science Student Centre to make an appointment to visit during consultation hours. To get general advice or further information, you can drop in throughout the day.

Science Student Centre

Once you have gained admission to the University, you can then select and enrol in your classes.

  • Alternative pathways

    More information about admission through our alternative pathways, for those who do not have a formal University Entrance qualification, and find out how to transfer from another University.

  • Postgraduate alternative pathways

    Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements to one of the Faculty of Science postgraduate programmes may wish to consider an alternative pathway.

  • Supporting documents

    Learn about the supporting documents that you’ll need to provide as part of your application.

  • Glossary of terms

    The enrolment process involves a lot of university jargon – here you will find a Glossary of Terms used within the University that can assist you along the way.