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Enrolment advice

After you have gained admission to the University and to your programme, you can then select and enrol in your courses and classes. You are responsible for setting your own timetable.

Here you will find the information you need to choose your courses and set your timetable.

For further advice, contact the Science Student Centre to make an appointment to visit during consultation hours. To get general advice or further information, you can drop in throughout the day.


  • Enrolment – a step-by-step guide

    See the course catalogue, watch enrolment tutorials, see enrolment deadlines, view your programme requirements, and get course advice.

  • Enrolment in specific programmes

    Specific advice for students planning to enrol in Biomedical Science, Exercise Sciences, or Food and Nutrition; majors with above 165 rank scores.

  • Courses with GPA Requirements

    Some courses required for your Bachelor of Science degree may have Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements. Find the GPA for courses here.