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Digital Security

Digital Security - quick facts
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Department of Computer Science

Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

Available as a subject for Master of Professional Studies (MProfStuds)
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Subject description

The demand for digital security specialists is soaring in New Zealand. Worldwide, the demand for security specialists far outstrips the supply. This gap is likely to persist for a decade or more, because IT systems are increasingly exposed to major risks of disruption and compromise, because it takes years for anyone to gain the technical and business knowledge required to mitigate digital security risks, and because there are not many well-qualified educational providers in this field.

The proposed Digital Security programme brings together the Faculty’s strengths in Computer Science, Information Systems and Operations Management, and Software Engineering. Graduates of the programme will learn the fundamentals of secure IT design, planning, and management. This credential will be very attractive to commercial and governmental employers. The newly-hired graduate will use their foundational knowledge to rapidly gain the practical skills and expertise of a competent digital security professional.

The subject covers the following topics:

  • Identification of vulnerabilities within a network
  • Physical security and surveillance
  • Network infrastructure and protocols
  • Governance, policies, standards, information assurance, and risk analysis
  • Authentication and access control

Structure and prerequisites

Master of Professional Studies in Digital Security (MProfStuds)

The prerequisite for admittance to this programme is a completed bachelors degree, a bachelors (honours) degree, or a four-year bachelors degree.

Students also need:

  • Either a professional qualification equivalent to one year’s advanced study or at least three years of professional experience deemed relevant to this programme by Senate or its representative
  • Any prerequisites for the courses in the subject area in which they wish to enrol

Programme completion requirements:


Career opportunities

Graduates of the programme will have a unique combination of skills in digital safety design, planning and management. Cyber security specialists are increasingly in demand world-wide, and career opportunities are found in any company that relies heavily on its information systems, including financial services, governmental services, retail, healthcare and even primary producers such as Fonterra. Possible jobs include positions as Information Security Analyst, Senior Security Specialist, Security Operations Analyst or Network Support Engineer.


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