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Biomedical Science - Entry requirements for the BSc

Entry to BSc - Biomedical Science is limited. Selection into this programme will require a higher standard than some other programmes. Please check the entry requirements.

Some courses within the Biomedical Science programme have limited entry (e.g. BIOSCI 107 and MEDSCI 142). All students may be ranked for entry into these courses in the same way as shown above.

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements for the BSc in Biomedical Science but who meet requirements to enter other BSc majors (e.g. Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physiology) should accept one of these programmes and enrol in alternative first year courses, in order to obtain higher grades and be reconsidered for entry. You may apply again for BSc in Biomedical Science in the following semester or year if your overall GPA is 5.0 or above subject to place availability.


Year 13 preparation for entry

Students should take a range of science subjects at Year 13 or NCEA Level 3, including biology, chemistry and physics. Mathematics is also advised, as well as a subject which enhances literacy, such as English or a humanities subject.


Useful tips for applying to programmes and enrolling in classes

  • When applying, you have up to six programme choices per application. If a BSc in Biomedical Science is your first choice, it is strongly recommended you also apply for another BSc in an alternative major (eg. Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physiology, etc) as your second choice in case you don't meet the entry requirement for Biomedical Science. If you meet the entry requirements for your alternative programme choices, you will be approved automatically into these pathways, and should enroll in first year courses to obtain higher grades, so that you may gain entry to Biomedical Science in the following semester or year (subject to place availability). If you wish to enter Biomedical Science via this route to try for Medicine, do not take any of the courses in the Biomedical Common Year until your first full year in the BSc in Biomedical Science. This is because Medicine requires students to do the Year 1 courses for BSc in Biomedical Science within one academic year only. For more information about this please contact the Science Student Centre.

  • Once you have accepted your place in Biomedical Science, you should enrol as soon as possible as places in courses are also limited. Using the “Timetable Planner” option on Student Services Online, there is an enrolment option for the Biomedical Science first year students. Or you can use "Class Search" on Student Services Online to plan your timetable prior to enrolment. Certain streams have been reserved for Biomedical Science students only - this information is displayed in "Class Search" under "Class Notes". Visit Student Services Online

  • If you accept a BSc in Biomedical Science and then decide to accept an alternative programme or major, please contact the Science Student Centre so that we can discontinue the BSc or change the major for you.

    Phone: + 64 9 3737599 ext 87020

  • Students should enrol in CHEM 110 in the first semester as it will assist with BIOSCI 106 in the second semester. CHEM 110 assumes students have prior knowledge of the subject from high school. If you do not have this background, please contact the Science Student Centre for preparatory advice.