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Undergraduate major in Information Systems

Subject description


Information Systems is designed for students wishing to study the applications of computing in business, without undertaking a full conjoint BCom/BSc. It allows you to prepare for a position within the commercial sector. Compulsory and optional courses are taken from Computer Science within the Faculty of Science and courses offered by the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management in the Business School.

Studying Information Systems will equip you to develop creative and innovative solutions to problems in government, businesses and non-profit organisations. You will learn how to work in creative teams to develop cutting-edge products and solutions that might save lives, improve the environment or our standard of living and keep us connected. You may choose to concentrate on the analysis of systems, the design of systems, or the use of information systems in organisations.



Bachelor of Science (BSc) - Information Systems major

First or Single major must include:

Second major must include:

Stage I courses

This major begins officially at Stage II, but students are advised to take the following Stage I courses to gain entry into the necessary Stage II courses:

Information Systems is available in a BSc/BCom conjoint degree, but only as a major on the BCom side of the conjoint.

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Career opportunities

Depending on what study area you decide to focus on, an exciting range or careers is open to you:

  • Information Systems: application developer/consultant, business analyst/consultant, business process engineer, systems analyst/consultant/developer, programmer analyst, software engineer, and database administrator
  • Data Communications and Networking: network administrator, network engineer, network analyst/consultant, and data communications specialist
  • Information Management: business analyst/consultant, knowledge manager, IT project manager, business intelligence consultant, and ERP consultant

Students wishing to advance to postgraduate study are advised to take preparatory courses for either the Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Computer Science or the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science.


Help and advice

For further information, refer to the Information Systems Undergraduate Handbook.

Alternatively, staff at the Department of Computer Science, located on Level 4 of Building 303 (38 Princes Street), can help you with general enquiries and refer you on to the relevant academic advisors. Their opening hours are 8.30am - 5pm.

Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 85857 or 82930
Email: enrolment@cs.auckland.ac.nz
Web: www.cs.auckland.ac.nz


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