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How to register a service request using iLab Solutions software

From November 12th 2014, the University of Auckland is pleased to start using iLab's Core Facility Management software, an on line system to streamline the process of ordering and billing for core service requests. Please find below instructions on how to use the system and to learn about your specific responsibilities.

A one time registration is necessary to set up an account to place service requests in iLab. 

To register for an account

  1. Go to to login and register
  2. Select your institution (typically the University of Auckland) from the drop down list
  3. Log in with your username and password
  4. Upon successful authentication, you will be prompted to select you PI/lab from the pull down list and provide your phone number
  5. Submit the completed registration form. Submission will notify you PI and /or lab manager of your lab membership request.
  6. You will be sent an email with basic instructions on using the system. If you are a post graduate student or a professional member of staff, your lab membership request will also need to be approved by your PI and you will need to have been assigned a Project ID to charge your work to.


PReSS accounts

The steps involved in making a PReSS account available for use by the PhD student is as follows:

  1. PhD student logs into/registers in iLab at Mark this link as a favourite in your internet search engine.
  2. Using iLab, the PhD student requests membership of their PI’s lab;
  3. When this request is approved, the PI must then “Request access to additional Project ID’s”, citing the PReSS account project number which is either a seven digit number or the username of the PhD student.
  4. The student as the “owner” of this fund receives this request from their PI.
  5. The student approves that request.
  6. The PReSS account then becomes a fund in the PI’s lab, available for the PhD student to nominate for user charges to be billed to.

Logging in:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your institution (typically the University of Auckland) from the drop down list and log in with your institution credentials
  3. If you are taken to a registration page, please contact
  4. Look for the link in the left hand menu that says 'mylabs'. Hover-over this link and select your lab to go to your lab management page.


Responsibilities in iLab:

As a Principle Investigator, you have some new responsibilities necessary to enable your researchers to order service from the centres and to reserve equipment, specifically:

  • Accepting users into your lab (see item 1 below)
  • Adding available funds ("Project IDS") to your lab (see item 2 below)
  • Assigning funds to lab members (see item 3 below)
  • Approving certain core service requests (see item 4 below to set the threshold)
  • Managing lab members and their respective authorities (see item 5 and 6 below)





If you would refer to delegate these notifications and approvals to specific members(s) of your lab, please email with their name and email.

Additional help

More detailed instructions are available in the PI Manual. For any questions not addressed in the manual, click on the "leave iLab feedback' link in the upper right hand corner or contact

A few Notes:

  1. You will be required to supply payment information on all reservations and/or requests when working with the centres.
  2. Having completed registration, if you are a post graduate student or technical member of staff and do not have access to any payment information, please contact your PI to resolve this
  3. iLab works best in the Firefox or Chrome browsers.  The URL is