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JPs on campus

If you need documents signed by a Justice of the Peace, there should be one available on or near your campus.

For more contact details of JPs within the Auckland area visit: Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices' Associations Inc.

City Campus

Name Email Location Phone Availability
Level 4 - room 419
Kate Edger Information Commons

4pm - Monday to Friday: Please be on time to avoid disappointment



Grafton Campus

Name Email Location Phone Availability
Adrian Blaser a.blaser@auckland.ac.nz

Building 504 level 1
Room 125 (NMR suite)

923 8228 By appointment only

In addition to the JP available at Grafton Campus, there are three available in the Grafton area, by appointment only.

Name Location Phone
D I Haigh 64 Seafield View Road, Grafton 379 5538

Tāmaki Campus

Name Email Location Phone Availability
Peter Huggard p.huggard@auckland.ac.nz Room 730-390
School of Population Health
373 7599 ext 84500 By appointment only