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Student Resource Centre

The Science Student Resource Centre is located between Buildings 301 and 303, and can be accessed through the new atrium adjacent to the Science Student Centre.


Room 301-G402, Ground Floor
Chemistry Building, Building 301
23 Symonds Street, Auckland 1010

Opening hours: 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday
Assignment Collection: 10am - 2pm, Monday to Friday
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 85510


At the Science Student Resource Centre, students can:

  • Pick up and drop off assignments (for Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Chemistry) Assignment pickups are available from 10am - 2pm only.
  • Buy course books (no cash)
  • Purchase lab coats and safety glasses
  • Purchase ferry tickets
  • Print assignments
  • Top up photocopying accounts
  • Submit their masters thesis
  • Hire laptops
  • Pay field trip fees

About assignments

Assignment submissions

Assignments are to be submitted into the wall-mounted drop boxes at the Science Resource Centre before the deadline given in your course outline. This includes: assignments for all levels, early assignments, late assignments (unless other instructions have been specified for your course) and assignments with extensions/doctor’s notes.

Use a coversheet

The most important part when submitting an assignment is the coversheet. Coversheets must be generated on Canvas. Each coversheet contains a personalised QR-Code with your information, unique that that particular assignment.

Please make sure that your QR-Code is complete, machine readable, not resized and not corrupted. The Student Resource Centre need this QR-code to scan, track and process assignments in a timely manner. Furthermore, each coversheet has a declaration on it which you must date and sign.

Assignments without a coversheet cannot and will not be recorded. Assignments with an outdated, non-Canvas coversheet also cannot be recorded. In addition, you may be penalised for failing to sign and date the declaration. Should there be no coversheet available, inform your lecturer and ask him/her to activate this feature on Canvas. If we receive assignments without a cover sheet, we cannot guarantee that your assignment will be properly recorded and processed. We can also take no responsibility for lost assignments in this case.

Late assignments

If you think you will not be able to submit your assignment on time, we strongly suggest you contact your lecturer to organise an extension. We cannot give extensions, or bend the submission deadline rules. We are not able to change the time stamp assigned by the system. You need to contact your lecturer, tutor or course coordinator to discuss anything related to late submissions, as we are not able to make a decision.

Information on printing assignments

The Student Resource Centre has one black and white printer and two colour printers for students to print their assignments.

Submission of masters thesis

Students should submit their masters thesis at the Student Resource Centre. Contact your supervisor or department for more information regarding what is required for submission of your thesis.

Assignment collection

Once you have been advised that your marked assignment is available to collect, you can pick it up from the Assignment Collection Desk at the Student Resource Centre between 10am – 2pm. You will need to show your student ID to collect your assignment. You cannot collect an assignment on the behalf of someone else.

We recommend that you collect all assignment within 10 working days of them becoming available for pick up. We will only keep the latest assignment for each course available for collection. Previous assignments will be archived and destroyed at the end of each semester. If your assignment has been archived and you wish to collect it, you will need to contact your lecturer/course coordinator and explain why you did not pick it up within 10 working days. They will then need to come and collect the assignment on your behalf.


Computer access and laptops

Computer access

The Student Resource Centre also hosts a small computer space for students to utilise. Computers are reserved for enrolment and other course-related needs.

Computer Systems Regulations are broadly outlined in The University of Auckland Calendar.

Laptop policy

The Student Resource Centre also has laptops available for use by Faculty of Science Students. Hiring a laptop is free for two hours. Students will be required to handover their student ID to the Student Resource Centre while hiring a laptop.

Laptop Use policy
(238.1 kB, PDF)

Course books

Please see the price list for items available at the Student Resource Centre for Semester 1, 2018.

If there is no price indicated, this item is covered by your course fees.

Please note we only accept payments by card. NO CASH.

Price list

Course books list