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Science Assistance Room

A semi-quiet, free drop-in tutoring space for undergraduate stage I and II science students in 302-170.

Drop-in tutoring at the Science Assistance Room in 302-170 supplements the academic experience of undergraduate science students in mainly Stage I and II courses.

Tutors are available from Chemistry, Environmental Science, Logic and Computation, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Statistics during scheduled hours each semester, and they can be identified by their coloured sashes.

What to expect from drop-in tutoring

The purpose of drop-in tutoring is to support you in becoming an active, independent, lifelong learner (UoA Graduate Profile).

Tutors can:

  • Help you understand concepts already presented in class.
  • Help you understand information in your lecture notes and/or textbooks.
  • Clarify and provide guidance in coursework.
  • Provide additional problems as examples or for practice.
  • Suggest study methods or resources.

Tutors cannot:

  • Teach new material missed in class (tutoring is not a substitute for classroom instruction).
  • Do your coursework for you.
  • Give answers or guarantee a better grade.

Tutoring can take place in small groups or one-on-one.




  1. Everyone who comes to the Science Assistance Room is a part of the greater academic community at this university and is expected to recognise their role in creating a culturally inclusive and intellectually stimulating learning environment.
  2. Peer learning is valued while respecting the University’s Third Party Assistance in UG and PG Coursework Guidelines.
  3. The shared learning space is provided specifically for semi-quiet academic discussions. Food, drinks and non-academic activities are redirected to other public spaces (e.g., the ground floor of Building 302). Water in bottles and other spill-proof containers is acceptable.



Departmental contacts

For feedback and queries, please contact: