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Current Undergraduates

Here you'll find all the information you will need as an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science

  • Course planning and enrolment

    Important information about enrolling in your programme and planning your courses.

  • First year students

    This page is your go-to guide to find all the information necessary to surviving your first year, and to help you make the most of the range of resources available to you.

  • Complementary majors in Science

    Why limit yourself to this or that? Expand your horizons in science with a double major. #DoubleTheScience

  • Career development

    Learn more about the information and advice Career Development and Employment Services can provide you with.

  • Faculty of Science Students Association (FoSSA)

    FoSSA aims to better the social and academic life of its members and bring together students from all the sciences.

  • Graduate Profile

    The graduate profile for a degree from the Faculty of Science sets out the attributes which you have an opportunity to acquire and develop during study towards your programme.