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How to choose your first year courses

Your choice of courses in your first year will be determined by whether they are necessary for your major, prerequisites for more advanced courses, or for interest. Your choices may also be influenced by timetabling issues.

Most subject majors require you to take at least two Stage I courses if you want to advance to Stage II in that major. You will see from these core stage 1 courses that it is usually possible to take core Stage I courses for up to three different majors in your first year - a good option if you are still unsure about which subjects you would like to study. Refer to majors or to the Science prospectus for a list of these.

A typical workload in your first year is eight courses (120 points). In addition to your core Stage I courses, you may take courses from any subject within the Science Schedule. You are also able to take up to two courses (30 points) from other faculties over the course of your degree.

See workload.

If you are having problems choosing the other courses to make up your first year of study, visit the Science Student Centre for advice.

Alternatively, a list of suggested stage I interest courses has been provided from the Science schedule.

See the stage I interest courses.

Please note:

  • Although a background at secondary school level in equivalent subjects is an advantage, you should not be discouraged from studying a new area or taking particular courses of interest. Some subjects offer preparatory courses while others will briefly revise year 12-13 as necessary.
  • When planning your timetable, you should try and avoid courses which have classes scheduled at times that clash. We advise you to change one of these for a different semester or a different course. Consult the Science Student Centre if you think this will present difficulties. See planning your timetable.
  • Do not undertake a heavier workload than you might be able to handle.