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Planning a conjoint

Studying a conjoint will provide you with a breadth of skills and knowledge across two disciplines.

It is possible for you to begin a conjoint programme in your first year of study. It is also possible to enrol in a conjoint programme in your second year of study. Most students who begin their study in a conjoint programme have completed Year 13, or have a proven academic background at tertiary level.

Most conjoints involve completing 36 courses (540 points), with 17 courses (255 points) from majoring Science subjects in the BSc component Anthropological Science, Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, Information Systems and Medicinal Chemistry are not available as majors within a conjoint degree.

You may enrol for up to 170 points over a full calendar year. You must pass 15 points from the approved General Education Schedule.

Our conjoint planners will assist you with your planning:

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