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Surviving your first year

Being a first year student can be both exciting and daunting - and knowing where to find key information can at times seem impossible! This page is your go-to guide to find all the information necessary to surviving your first year, and to help you make the most of the range of resources available to you.

  • Tuakana programme

    Tuākana is a mentoring programme designed to help Māori and Pacific students achieve the best possible grades.

  • Life on a student budget

    Learning to live on a student budget can be difficult - but thankfully, there are a range of free and reasonably priced activities around Auckland you can do to take a break from study.

  • Time management

    One of the biggest challenges for university students is learning how to manage your time effectively. Here are some tips to help guide you in your first year.

  • Opportunities

    Being a student doesn't just have to be about your courses - there are a range of other opportunities available to you that will help you gain valuable skills for after you graduate.

  • Key contacts

    Find out who to contact if you have any questions about your degree, or are in need of support during the year.

  • Health and counselling

    While it is normal to feel a bit stressed or overwhelmed during the year, it is important to recognise when things are becoming a bit more serious and when it's time to ask for help.