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Graduate Profile

Our Graduate Profile outlines the capabilities that you will develop through studying for a Bachelor of Science.

Specialist knowledge

  • An understanding of concepts, theories and empirical results in their chosen major(s), meeting entry-level requirements of employers in science-based institutions and/or sufficient for progression to post-graduate study.
  • Practical, analytical and/or research skills which enable access to work in a related field and/or progression to post‐graduate study.
  • An understanding of scientific methods and approaches, the ability to reason logically, think critically and analytically, and use scientific principles to analyse or solve complex problems.
  • An understanding of current issues and debates in the majoring fields of knowledge.       

General intellectual skills and capacities

  • An ability to find information, and evaluate it critically. An ability to use, manage, present, and communicate information in English and/or Māori, including with the use of modern information technology. 
  • A level of numeracy and computational literacy which enables competent performance of functions expected of a science graduate, and an understanding of qualitative and quantitative information as required.
  • Personal and professional integrity, and respect for the ethics of research and scholarly activity.
  • An awareness of international and global dimensions of intellectual, political and economic activities, and of the distinctive qualities of Āotearoa/New Zealand.

 Personal qualities

  • An enthusiasm for ideas, discovery and learning, and intellectual curiosity as a basis for lifelong learning and for an informed contribution to society.
  • An ability to work independently, with the ability and self-discipline to plan and achieve personal and professional goals.
  • An ability to work collaboratively with others, interacting effectively and demonstrating respect for others and an appreciation of human and cultural diversity.  
  • An ability to lead in the community, including a willingness to engage in constructive public discourse and accept social and civic responsibilities.
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