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Requirements for Science Students

The Faculty of Science Academic Committee has approved the requirements below for students seeking approval for an international exchange.

360° International Faculty of Science course approval guidelines for the Outbound Exchange Programme

Step-by-step course approval

  1. Visit the Science Student Centre to have a staff member map out a degree planner for you and determine which courses are best to complete overseas. 
  2. Research course offerings and print detailed course outlines from the foreign institution.
  3. Download and fill out the Course Approval Form, which is available from the 360 International documentation page.
  4. Make appointments to meet with Undergraduate Advisers in each department to review your course outlines, determine equivalency and receive departmental approval.
  5. Submit your completed Course Approval Form to the Science Student Centre for Faculty approval. If you are enrolled in a conjoint degree and taking courses on both sides, you will need approval from both faculties.
  6. Faculty will notify student by email when the Course Approval Form has been approved.  You may also collect the original form from the Student Centre.
  7. Submit the approved Course Approval Form to the 360 International Office through the Via TRM system. Details for submission are available on the 360 International overview page.


Requirements for Science students

  • Students must be able to demonstrate academic merit (have a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.0).
  • We recommend students go on exchange during their second year of study, but third year is possible.
  • Students must enrol into the equivalent (and minimum) of 45 points.
  • A student may be awarded up to 75 points of credit toward their degree in each semester of study. This credit only applies when taken at Exchange Partner University or equivalent institution as approved by the Associate Dean Academic or nominee.
  • By undertaking an exchange programme, students will be eligible for a 15-point exemption from General Education without credit. This exemption means you still need to pass these 15 points for your degree, but they do not need to be from General Education courses. Please note: this exemption is not offered for 45 point option.