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Studying a Bachelor of Science prior to 2019

We're making some changes to the Bachelor of Science from 2019. The information on this page is for students who started a BSc before 2019. If you're beginning a BSc in 2019, please see this information on the Bachelor of Science.

Structuring a BSc prior to 2019

To complete a BSc degree you need to pass courses totalling 360 points. Each course is worth 15 points, and you will need to complete courses from at least three different subjects. In doing so, you will need to satisfy the requirements of either one or two majors. The following is a sample structure for a full-time student completing the programme over three years.

  • Year One – Most students enrol in eight courses for up to three different majors to discover their interests and strengths. In later years they will choose up to two subjects on which to concentrate. These will then become their major(s).
  • Year Two – You will enrol in a range of more advanced courses relating to your choice of major(s), as well as other related areas within the science schedule to add depth to your knowledge.
  • Year Three – In your third year you must complete at least 75 points (five courses) at Stage III, of which 60 points (four courses) must be in your majoring subject.
  • Each major usually has a range of core and elective courses.
  • Your degree must also include at least 30 points (two courses) from the General Education Schedule.
  • You may include 30 points (two courses) from subjects outside of the Science schedule – Arts, Business, Economics and so forth – in addition to your two General Education courses.

Majors available in the BSc prior to 2019

Students complete a BSc by 'majoring' in one or more subjects. The BSc is flexible so it's easy for you to take a double major if you want to. This means that you complete the requirements for two Science subjects.

BSc majors prior to 2019

Anthropological Science | Applied Mathematics | Biological Sciences | Biomedical Science | Biotechnology | Chemistry | Computer Science | Data Science | Earth Sciences | Ecology | Environmental Science | Exercise Sciences | Food Science and Nutrition | Geography | Geophysics | Information Systems | Logic and Computation | Marine Science | Mathematics | Medicinal Chemistry | Pharmacology | Physics | Physiology | Psychology | Statistics  


Courses available in the BSc

Explore the undergraduate Science courses that are available to study in a BSc.

Undergraduate Science courses  


Planning your BSc prior to 2019

While you don't need to have your entire programme mapped out before you start, it's good to have an overall plan:

  • You can use one of our degree planners to help you work out which courses you need to take to complete the requirements of your major(s).

Degree planners for majors prior to 2019

  • You can talk to one of our academic advisers about how to structure your BSc, or which courses you need to take for your major(s). Visit the Science Student Centre to make an appointment:

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