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Science Students' Association

The Science Students' Association (SciSA) aims to better the social and academic life of its members and bring together students from all the sciences.

Faculty of Science Student Association  (SciSA) logo

SciSA not only organises social events to help build student networks and friendships that exist far beyond university, but also organises events to enrich student’s academic lives at the University.

The association also acts as the student voice within the faculty, liaising with staff on issues brought up by students.

2018 Executive Team

  • President: Zoe Holyoake
  • Secretary: TBD
  • Treasurer: Alexandra Riddle
  • Events Officer: TBD
  • Equity Officer: Alex Parker
  • Advisory committee: Isabel Holm, Isabella Francis, Sabrina Tkatch, Henry Luo, Vanamali Joseph

2017 Executive Team

  • President: Isabel Holm 
  • Secretary: Jennifer Muhl
  • Treasurer: Alexandra Riddle
  • Events Officer: Ravnit Kaur
  • Equity Officer: Isabella Francis
  • General Members: Shintaro Fushida-Hardy, Lizanne Gomes, Elaine Feiloakitau, Mason Ng, Yustyna Klish, Sabrina Tkatch, Clara Autet.
Contact Zoe Holyoake or the executive team if you would like more information, and follow us on Facebook to find out about news and upcoming events.