Health and safety representatives and contacts

Each Faculty / Service Division is responsible for the health and safety of their staff and provides a number of key contacts to refer to, on health, safety and wellness matters.

University-wide health and safety contacts

Ian O’Keefe, Health, Safety and Wellness Manager

Ian manages the implementation and coordination of health and safety initiatives including contributing to the development, review and audit of Health and Safety policies and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

He is involved in managing work injury claims, return to work plans and liaising with injured employees, WorkAon and management.

Please contact him if you have any queries on health and safety issues.

Ian O’Keefe
Room 317, Level 3
Alfred Nathan House
Ext 89645

Maggie Kjestrup, Health and Safety Administrator

Maggie is responsible for health and safety administration. 

Maggie Kjestrup
Room 317, Level 3
Alfred Nathan House
Ext: 84896

Emmett Mackle, Facilities Manager, Property Services
Emmett manages access to buildings, security, grounds, cleaning and waste, management parking.

Emmett Mackle
Room 232, Level 2
Building 201E
Human Sciences
Ext: 85252

David Jenkins, Hazards and Containment Manager

David is the Biological Safety Officer, looking after hazardous materials, radioactive materials containment, HSNO Act compliance.

Room 12038
Auckland Hospital Building 599
Ext. 86714

Professor Des Gorman, HoD, Occupational Medicine

Professor Gorman is the Chairperson for the Occupational and Environmental Safety & Health Advisory Committee (OESHAC).