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Radioactive materials

Radioactive materials and irradiating equipment are important and invaluable tools in education and research within the University.

However, the purchase and use of such materials and equipment requires strict protocols to be in place and to be regularly monitored. Because of this, the University has policies, guidelines and safety plans in place to ensure adherence to these protocols.

University Policies, Guidelines and Radiation Safety Plan

The following University documents should be referred to.


Radiation Safety Plan

The University operates a comprehensive radiation safety plan that covers:

  • the licence, purchase and receipt of radionuclide and irradiating equipment
  • the use of ionising radiation in research and teaching
  • operational documentation
  • occupational hygiene and monitoring
  • audits and documentation
  • disposal
  • contingency plans
  • the use of ionising radiation in clinical research.

For further information and assistance with radiation materials and irradiating equipment, contact:

The National Radiation Laboratory
PO Box 25099
Victoria Street
Christchurch 8144
New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 366 5059
Fax: +64 3 366 1156