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Find out why these students chose Auckland for their postgraduate study, learn about their research interests and how they found studying at The University of Auckland.

Su Sinclair - PGDipSci student, specialising in Biosecurity


Su Sinclair appreciates how, thanks to the structure of her programme, she can still work fulltime as the Biosecurity Community Coordinator for Auckland Regional Council. Her area of study focuses on pest animal biology and behaviour.

“I chose The University of Auckland because most of the papers offer block courses which makes fitting study in with my fulltime job so much easier. Also, as I am based in the city, attending lectures at the city campus has been very manageable."

“With the variety of papers I can include in my programme, I can cover a broad range of facets of both conservation and biosecurity, which increase my knowledge and skills base. I loved the two Biosecurity papers with Margaret Stanley as they were very practically based, and I could immediately apply the knowledge at work. A lot of the papers include good class discussions, which I find very stimulating and useful."

“What’s more, this qualification will help me move on into a conservation management role in the future.”

Ben Stevenson - Masters in Statistics student


“The University of Auckland Statistics department is number one not only in New Zealand but in Australasia as a whole and a Master of Science in Statistics is giving you a degree that is recognized worldwide.”

“One experience that I really enjoyed was a summer scholarship that I was awarded a couple of years ago, doing research over the summer with a superviser. It really gives you a taste of what postgraduate study would be like.”


Bryce Brown - BSc and PGDipSci Wine Science graduate


"The postgraduate diploma in wine science is very practical and hands-on. It teaches the realities of winemaking, which will suit you if you like getting your hands dirty – it’s not all about drinking Chardonnay in the sunshine!"

"The course is very professionally run and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. It flows well, starting with the winemaking process then focusing on the chemistry of wine. A highlight is an intensive wine appreciation module – an opportunity to taste some amazing wines."

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Bryce Brown
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Marsilea Booth - PhD in Forensic Science student


"The facilities that are available around The University of Auckland are really great. There’s the gym really close if you need to use that, and town if you want to go down for a lunch break. You can be in the middle of a big city and then, half an hour’s drive away, is a beautiful beach or a park. I really like that about Auckland."

David Bade – PhD in Geography student


"The facilities provided at the School of Environment for PhD students are very good. As a PhD student we have our own desk and computer, with internet access, free printing and free photocopying."

"I have found not only my supervisers but also all the senior staff in Geography to be highly supportive and encouraging. They have provided great guidance and feedback and have really acted as mentors."

Brighid McCaffrey - PGDip in Cardiac Rehabilitation graduate


"The University of Auckland is the only place in New Zealand where you can complete this diploma. The key experiences that I had studying at The University of Auckland have been being able to work in the clinic. The practical application and being able to visit the hospitals has been really great."

"The supervisers have been really good. They always make themselves available to you if you have a problem or if you are struggling with a certain area."

Saronna Auina - Masters in Biosecurity student


"Living and learning in New Zealand’s biggest city is an advantage to me because Auckland provides an excellent base for biosecurity research as the main point of entry for cargo and people."

"The lecturers and supervisers are really great to work with. They are not only supportive and encouraging but they are easy to approach."


Alana Alexander - BSc (Hons) Biological Science student


"Studying at The University of Auckland provided me with numerous opportunities. As part of the BSc, there are multiple chances to go on field trips, particularly to the marine laboratory at Goat Island. The lecturers are all experts in their fields, and can give you valued insight into how research is conducted and the new findings coming out in their area of science.

The BSc gave me the motivation to continue my education and my Honours project has given me a taste of marine research. I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to inspire my own students the same way I’ve been inspired."

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Alana Alexander
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