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Careers with a Science degree

Whether you choose traditional subjects or more pioneering subjects, you will find that science opens up a wide range of career opportunities. Large businesses, small industry, government, teaching and research all offer career opportunities for those holding a Science degree. In addition, Science graduates also find employment opportunities in non-science areas such as business, marketing and writing.

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Do you enjoy Calculus? Here are some job ideas.


"I felt that having a science background would add to any qualification by demonstrating my capacity to deal with quantitative analysis and numerical reasoning. I currently work for the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, working towards establishing freer and safer trade within the APEC region, and will be soon be moving to the New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta."

Philip Houlding, MA/BSc in Mathematics graduate

BSc majors we offer related to Calculus


"I’ve been with Datacom for fifteen years, since graduating from the University. After starting in a technical role in database administration I began taking on project work and management responsibilities and eventually moved into project management. I recently completed certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP)."

Arabella Brawn, BSc Computer Science graduate