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How to apply - Current undergraduates

In 2019 we will be looking at taking a small number of students into the second year of the Science Scholars Programme. You should be currently enrolled in a BSc (this can be part of a conjoint). You must have at least 2 years of your degree remaining at the beginning of 2019.

Applications are considered against 3 selection criteria. While academic achievement is important we are equally interested in your personal statement and the content, depth and originality of your essay.


Write a 800 - 1000 word essay based on the following prompt:

  • Scientific explorations, big and small, can provoke strong emotional responses: describe a scientific hypothesis, study, or result that has really excited – or unsettled – you

Although this is a personal response essay, referencing is expected where appropriate. You may like to comment both on the science and your response to the science.

Please ensure your full-name and your University of Auckland ID number is on the essay. You should combine this into one file together with your personal statment (please see below) and submit this file to TurnItIn.

Go to www.turnitin.com. For assistance on using TurnItIn, including creating an account, please see here.

The course ID you need to enrol in is 18314305 and the Enrolment key is SCISCHOL19UG

Personal Statement

A 300-character (including spaces) statement that concisely addresses why you are interested in the Science Scholars programme is required.

This should also be submitted through TurnItIn, together with the essay. Please see the details above. Please don't forget to include your full-name and University of Auckland ID number.

Academic Achievement

As a guideline, successful applicants are likely to achieve a GPA of 7 (A- average) in their first year. It should be noted that this is indicative and will form only one part of the overall assessment of an application.

In exceptional circumstances other candidates may be considered.


Closing date

The closing date for entry into the 2019 intake for the Science Scholars programme is Sunday 8th December 2018.

Your application is not complete until we receive both your personal statement and an essay.