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Programme structure


The programme has been designed to build cross-disciplinary relationships and encourage you to think outside the box.

Each year you will take a 15 point SCISCHOL course (please see the course prescriptions below). These 45 points will count towards the 360 points required to obtain a BSc or BAdvSci(Hons) but will not count towards your major requirements.

As you advance through the courses you will develop essential skills in critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving, as well as getting your hands dirty doing some real research.

SCISCHOL 100 - Science in Action

An introduction to the big questions in science, approaches to scientific research, and how science and scientists play a role in society. Students will explore scientific knowledge and enquiry from a broad, cross-disciplinary perspective.

SCISCHOL 202 - Research and Discovery

An exploration of scientific research skills and communication. Students will develop an understanding of the impact of culture on scientific discovery, the skills to develop and document a research proposal, and how to communicate scientific work in an area of choice.

SCISCHOL 302 - Science Scholars Project

Building on the research proposal developed in SCISCHOL 202, students will respond to a research question requiring data collection, analysis and interpretation, discussion and presentation of project outcomes.